“Without creating some instant fix or fancy new formula, John Delgrosso’s book Restoring God’s Image – The Narrow Gate to Healing and Transformation returns people to the truths of God’s Word that will actually set people free. By John’s clear way of addressing self-government and personal responsibility this book will help individual believers who are stuck in their emotional growth and have faulty belief systems to walk out a consistent and tangible life of transformation and healing.  These clearly articulated tools of “truth living” as revealed in Scripture will help change how people approach their pain and their issues and give them insight to walk through the challenges of life. Read this book and pass it along.”

Gary Goodell
Director of Third Day Churches, Inc.
Author of Permission Granted To Do Church Differently in the 21st Century and Where Would Jesus Lead?

“Finally, a book that goes beyond information to transformation. Restoring
God’s Image is not another Christian version of a self-help book that offers
insight into the why’s of our problems, pains and addictions. Instead,
by taking seriously scriptural teachings on sin, forgiveness and healing
it leads the reader down the path to genuine renewal. John DelGrosso
does not simplistically declare “Jesus is the answer,” he shows how God
heals our hurts. If you or someone you love needs to get on the pathway
to restoration, this book is for you.”
— Dr. Jim Reeve Senior Pastor Faith Community Church