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Restoring God's Image The Narrow Gate to Healing and Transformation presents God's plan for healing and restoration as a set of simple, clear, concise instructions based on scripture. Through thousands of hours of therapy, research, and personal experience, John Del Grosso has experienced great success in helping Christians find release from emotional pain and sinful behaviors.

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I love pain !!

I love pain !! “Crazy” , you say! But let’s think about it. Every person that I have ever been able to help, came because of pain. Pain is the catalyst to most of our healing. The pain of Israel’s captivity caused them to cry out to god. The pain of marital discord causes a couple to seek counseling. The pain in my chest caused me to seek the cardiologist. Oh,of course, we would rather live life without pain. However this is unrealistic. In fact, one of the greatest problems for men come from our consistent efforts to avoid pain. To avoid pain we deny, withdraw, sin, and enter into addictive behaviors.

Do I love pain? Of course not. But what is one to do? Especially when pain is chronic, long lasting, never ceasing? We have many different options to us.

First. Start talking about your pain. Talk to a friend, a pastor, a boss. Anyone who will listen, and offer constructive support. Not someone who will criticize you , or criticize others, but who will lead you into a conversation with God. Seek competent counsel.

Don’t buy the lie that you just need to “forget the Past”. Most of our pain is rooted in the past. Instead find someone who will walk into the past with you. A competent spiritual guide is available somewhere.

I would love to hear from you. Remember. Pain is a good thing. If you are willing to enter it “He” “will use it for your good” . Loving God is the Key.

Book signing Faith community church west Covina

Book signing Faith community church west Covina, CA October 23rd evening Service and October 24th Morning Services. for directions and service times.

October 29th, 2010 John Will be speaking at 7pm at at Faith community church’s Set free Program. book sales and book signing