This blog is about healing. Or better yet, Transformation. Is there a difference? I think so.  Healing, you see is temporary. Why? Because one day we will eventually die. Or should I say:” this body we re in will cease to exist.” But Transformation is of a different character. Transformation is eternal. It is made up of the character of God Himself. Conforming us into His image. Where we will on a full time basis reveal Him. (I use the word, time, but literally eternity is outside of time as we know it.)

I am John DelGrosso. I was born in 1955 in Brooklyn, New York. I am the grandchild of Italian and Jewish immigrants. It was not until 1984 that I embraced the scriptures as my way to live life. Almost immediately I began assisting people in the process of being healed emotionally and physically by the presence and power of god. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me at that time, it would take many years for me to find significant change in my own life. Not that I did not have a drastic change of heart the day I first heard god speak to me, but because the deeper work of sanctification and transformation is a process that we must fight for on a daily basis.

After years of this and then going into the field of counseling to help others in this quest, I have come to write this book, ”Restoring God’s Image The Narrow gate of Healing and Transformation.” . It is about what I found to be a simple yet not easy path to emotional and cognitive healing. Or should I say Transformation.  In this blog I will be giving you excerpts from my book and also new insights that I and others gain regarding the pursuit of Transformation. But it is not we that are the pursuers, but rather it is God that pursues us. This is a way to surrender to Him, our salvation. For His name is “Salvation”

I look forward to you reading and me hearing from you. Enjoy my book. I am sure that it will be a blessing and healing tool in your life.